Samstag, 14. April 2007

IN-DEPTH - a year in review

In-Depth did 47 shows in the space of a year and the topics varied greatly. Many shows were evolving around the issue of HEALTH. Apart from two shows about Cancer (Breast Cancer & Common Male Cancers) with experts from the Irish Cancer Society, IN-DEPTH also spoke twice to Dr. Anthony Cummins about Heart Failure and the lack of medical facilities in Ireland. In conjunction with NGO CONCERN Thomas flew to Canada to cover the XVI. International HIV/AIDS Conference for the mentioned NGO and NEAR90FM. He brought back enough footage for 4 full shows and the important information given during the conference subsequently travelled to five countries and has been played all over the country, among others on THE DIGITAL HUB FM and on LIFFEY FM. See also: The picture shows Thomas Janak with Concern´s global HIV/AIDS advisor Breda Gahan.

INTERCULTURALISM/INTEGRATION is also something the show handled in-depth. The Chester Beatty Library played host on a number of occassions from the festivites of the Chinese New Year celebrations to a performance of the Sechuan Opera. The library also hosted a lunchtime talk with Timon Screech, Professor of the History of Art at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. In the last 12 months IN-DEPTH also spoke to the Intercultural Centre in Inchicore and highlighted "Living in Ireland as a Muslim" among other things.

The conflict between Palestine and Israel were as much a topic as the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan. "Mission Lebanon" was another very important show. IN-DEPTH also covered Asylum Politics and highlighted issues the new communities in Ireland face.
Climate Change/Global Warming & Global Challenges have been dealt with as well. Apart from a special about Globalisation from an African point of view, IN-DEPTH also spoke with Greenpeace experts about nuclear energy. Peter Wyse - Jackson, Director of the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin explained why it is necessary to reverse the damage done to nature and why Birdwatching is important.
Thomas with Brendan Crean and Jimmy MacDonnell: Guests on the show about "Disability".

Left: Dr. Anthony Cummins and IN-DEPTH host/producer Thomas Janak
The 21st century is the century where looks often mean more than talent and one often wonders if it is still worth it to have their children learn an instrument. In the MUSIC / ENTERTAINMENT section IN-DEPTH spoke to many internationally acclaimed musicians e.g. Karl Bartos (Kraftwerk), Gary Numan, Midge Ure, Paul Humphreys or The Sparks about the current state of the music industry.
Thomas Janak even travelled to his native Germany to cover the International Music Fair where he interviewed companies and individuals with an emphasis on education. Thomas spoke to a professional drummer, music schools and to the founder of the School(s) of audio engeneering. IN-DEPTH also highlighted safety issues with regards to venues. Professional music teachers spoke about their passion and how it changed their lives.
Other topics ranged from Paranormal Investigations, 09/11 five years on to the case of imprisoned native American Leonard Peltier.
IN-DEPTH also gave a voice to animals by inviting numerous activists to the show, covering the RALLY AGAINST ANIMAL CRUELTY and talking about why FUR IS MURDER.
47 shows in the space of a year! - that is something IN-DEPTH is quite proud of.

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